Why You Should Stop Reading Internet Top 10 Lists in 2014

top10or “I Thought I Was Doing Something Valuable With My Time Until I Saw What This One Oddball Blogger Wrote – Get ready to spend the rest of the day trying to pick your jaw up off the floor.”

Top 10 internet lists have snowballed in 2013. Here are 10 reasons you should ignore them in 2014:

1. Top 10 lists give you the least possible content for the maximum possible web-site advertising revenue.

2. 73.8% of facts you read on the internet are probably false.

3. The remainder of the facts are just regurgitated from Wikipedia or other people’s top 10 lists, without any hope of verification – thats what I heard anyhow.

4. Top 10 culture promotes ever more attention deficit behavior: When the average time people spend on any web page is measured in seconds, it’s not even worth me typing the rest of…

5. Pre-digested sound-bite news items exercise your critical thinking skills like chewing candy exercises the body.

6. If everyone put all the time spent looking at top 10 lists into working on personal relationships, there could soon be world peace – or at least a lot fewer itemized platitudes!

7. Top 10 lists create the mentality that everything of importance can be summarized into a few short catch-phrases, ignoring the rich complexity of life. There’s a lot more to this point…

8. Cats are growing tired of being discussed.

9. The commercial list-making trend puts real journalists who spend time researching and fact checking out of a job.

10. Eventually you’ll be spending all day suckered into reading lists that are completely generated by computer algorithms, and the robots will have won without a battle.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Stop Reading Internet Top 10 Lists in 2014

  1. Thanks. I just spent the first waking moments of this year reading another top 10 list.

    …..now I’m off to do some fact checking…

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