Steambot Art Show

Kirkland Arts Center, October 15 – December 3, 2010.

Artists: Rebecca Cummins, Pat Gallagher, Rusty Oliver, Randy Moss, and Simon Winder.

Curated by Cable Griffith and Genevieve Tremblay.

“STEAMBOT is a collaborative exhibition, featuring artwork that combines both current and Industrial Age technologies. Through a juried process, five artists, programmers, and fabricators were selected to create an exhibition that collapses time between the cutting edge of today and the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the past. Steambot bridges the worlds of art, technology, industry and history, through the spirit of interdisciplinary exploration.”

Steambot Flyer

Seattle Times Review

Simon Winder’s goofy “Time of Flight” is more low-tech yet charming, with its paper dirigible that dawdles across the room, again at the viewer’s command. But it’s Winder’s inkjet photographs — “De-generating” and the 16-panel “Impressions of Steam” — that make a bigger impression.

The first is a multiple, fisheye-lens take on an abandoned, graffiti-covered steam-power plant. The second observes the varying kinds of corrosion that steam inflicts on ventilation fans, freight cars and the pipes, valves and coils of less readily identifiable machinery. The shots were taken at a decommissioned generating station in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood and in locomotive graveyards in Tillamook, Ore., and Snoqualmie. “I like the opportunity to focus on the details and render them into the deconstructed abstract,” Winder says in his artistic statement, “allowing the viewer to see the curves and forms of the skeletons of forgotten function.”

– Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times


Time of Flight Time of Flight
Time of Flight (Electromechanical Installation)

Impressions of Steam
Impressions of Steam (Inkjet on Wood)

De-generating (Inkjet on Wood)