The Chicken Conspiracy

Chicken FlagThis was a whole sequence of art pieces in multiple media that I decided to make with the theme of chickens. I wanted a specific subject focus to create a theme and to sort of brainstorm around this while I experimented with a few different techniques.

The sequence started because my mother, who is a professional artist, was painting some show chickens under commission from exhibitors at a farm animal festival in England, and I liked some of her paintings. I started to try to draw them myself.

Here you can see the Imperialist Chicken War Flag that I designed. I had multiple real flags made using this design and they were flown at various camps at the Burning Man festival and at various other music festivals during the years. You can click on the image and download a pdf if you wish to print your own copy.

At the moment, I’m not quite sure if I have finished with the chickens theme or not because really they are too much fun!

Chicken CardsChicken Cards
The chicken cards are a long series of postcards that I made using pen and ink, xylene transfer and lino cuts. They portray the world of the chicken culture.

Chicken PrintChicken Prints
I produced a variety of works with chickens using lino cuts. Many of these were made into cards and given to friends.

Chicken EmbroideryChicken Embroideries
I decided to learn to embroider using a sewing machine and these works were the result. The chickens evolved into a number of generic bird forms with many different textures that I enjoyed making.

ObeyObey Chicken Campaign
I produced a sticker with the “Obey Chicken” in three languages in the style of Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant. A number of people placed these stickers in various different cities and countries.

Chicken GraphicOther Chickens
Here you can see a number of other interesting chicken related art pieces that I made in a variety of media.