Keeping Up with Innovation

I wonder about this.

Watching that video makes me think that the person who made it is probably… getting old.

I don’t think that young people worry that the world is changing too fast. After all what makes the author think that the rules of business suddenly changed 15 years ago. Maybe that was when they started in the business and now they feel they don’t understand things Continue reading

The Power of Google

Nicolas Steno

On January 11th I was checking out some of the log files produced by wikipedia. I was trying to write a script to determine which articles are being read by people on an hourly basis to get results a little like this. I noticed that while Mitt Romney was way up in the page view hits on wikipedia at 8522 hits per hour, a less well known name was far more popular by more than an order of magnitude at 155257 hits Continue reading

Trillion Frames-per-Second Camera Explained

MIT has been recently in the news because Ramesh Raskar and his team have demonstrated a camera which can visualize the motion light through a scene. The New York Times has a writeup here. More details can be found on the group project page.

One thing that commentators have been confused about is what it means to show light in flight through a media. In fact the group’s video¬†makes it more confusing to the layman when Raskar says “We have built a virtual slow-motion camera where we can see photons or light particles moving through space.” This gives that impression that we can see single Continue reading