Changing Lights

(28″ x 28″, wood, aluminum, lamps, electronic parts).
The viewer is chaotically and warmly illuminated.

This art piece is a panel with lots of lights that change through a variety of patterns. The piece is also reactive to motion in the room, causing the sequence to alter slightly.

Different combinations of lights come on at different brightnesses in a slow and random sequence.

Changing LightsChanging Lights
Functionally this piece contains a number of independent timers which operate relays that control the current flow through the lights matrix. In addition, a infra red sensor detects motion in the room and also energizes a relay, further altering the light pattern.

I was originally going to make a much more complex piece with a whole lot of dimmer modules inside controlled by microcontrollers. However as a project it was too complex and stalled. Eventually, there was an opportunity to submit the piece to an art show, so I rebuilt it with considerably simpler electronics.

This was inspired by an art piece that I saw in the Tacoma Art Museum.