Simon WinderFirstly, don’t get me mixed up with the British pop history author of the same name.

I am a scientist. I have a long history of being passionate about science, including an EE Master’s degree, a PhD in neuroscience, and many years at Microsoft Research working on computer vision and machine learning.


My primary focus is on deep learning, AI, and robotics.

Additional interests include philosophy of mind, cosmology, fundamental physics, general relativity, making art, and building electronics. I also spend a lot of time reading about the autonomic nervous system and functional medicine.

In the early 1990s I worked on infra-red imaging systems for tanks and designed targeting electronics for the C130. Becoming intrigued by how biological visual perception might work, I was led to study for a PhD, building computer simulations of biological neural networks in an attempt to understand the perceptual processes in our brains.

Subsequently I gravitated to Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA, where I initially worked on video compression, but eventually found a way to continue my passion for perceptual processes by doing fundamental research in the areas of machine vision, machine learning, and augmented reality.

After leaving full-time work at Microsoft, I was employed as a consultant and gained some good experience in developing real-time algorithms for multi-camera 3D reconstruction—building 3D scenes from multiple video feeds. Lately, I have focused on my own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Here you can find links to more formal information about my work:

You can contact me at robotbugs AT gmail.