Developments in Fractal Art

Fractal Art

Recently, I was looking through the art web site of Sven Geier. He has a lot of fractal images that he has been creating since 2001. Many of the images are quite beautiful, particularly the recent ones if you scroll down to 2011.

What is interesting though is to see the progression as the power of home computers has increased over the last decade. Fractal art around 2001 was mostly 2D with bold colors, lower resolutions, and fairly raw in that the images come with little post processing. They tend to make use of complex number sequence sets such as Mandelbrot with familiar fractal spirals. Then around 2003 the fractal flame algorithm really became popular Continue reading

Flesh Love

Flesh has some great posts about art and design. At the moment I particularly like Horst Kiechle’s torso with removable body organs completely made out of paper and looking like a computer graphics rendering. I am also a big fan of Tokyo photographer Hal’s Flesh Love series of photographs of vacuum sealed couples. It would be interesting to watch the artist in the process of taking these photos. Due to the fact that the couples are vacuum sealed in plastic, they have to hold their breath during the shoot, which obviously can only be for a Continue reading