Let’s look into the future with an antiparticle telescope

I have this belief that antiparticles such as positrons are actually particles traveling back in time. There are a lot of reasons for this such as the fact that their time evolution contains a minus in front of the t.

However there are not a lot of antiparticles in this universe dominated by normal matter (for reasons I will not get into right now). I think this is one of the possible arguments to why we only see into the past and not the future – there is only the most tenuous influence from the future, and not something humans can perceive. Plus we are constructed from particles evolving forward with time and everything around us is just normal matter, also traveling forward.

You can also see this as a vast amount of information flowing from the past to the future but only a few bits traveling the other direction.

One can think of particles and antiparticles and being like corkscrews in time; the difference being whether they have left or right handed rotation. This is also like a clock turning clockwise or anti clockwise. And for example if a gamma ray turns into an electron-positron pair, one can also picture that as a positron traveling back in time, colliding with a gamma ray and bouncing forward in time phase reversed as an electron.

Anyway I think it might be interesting to test this by building a space based telescope that can create a 2D image from the arrival of antiparticles and another coincident one creating an image from the arrival of particles.

The question is whether these two images will actually show more or less the same view of the universe, or if the antiparticle generated image will show a more evolved state of the cosmos. Interesting to propose. I hope that someone has the influence to make such a project happen.

(Also if it’s happening and I don’t know about it, let me know!)